Personal information

Fortigo Freight Services has created this privacy statement to demonstrate our companies pledge to transparency with our drivers.

We may ask for certain personal information from you for the purpose of account creation and record auditing against Federal/Provincial/Insurance regulations. This is done only with your express consent, i.e. you have filled in a form providing the information or provided otherwise. This information will never be sold and will be used only for the purpose indicated.

Fortigo Mobile App 2 privacy policy

Your confidence in trusting us with your sensitive data is the utmost important item. The following information will help you understand how/what the “Fortigo Mobile 2” available on the “Google Playstore” captures.

Information Capture

After installing “Fortigo Mobile 2”, a requirement for our drivers. When on “active duty” there is a background service collecting your devices GPS. The term “active duty” is coined based on the driver having an open “Tripsheet”. Additional information that we may get from your device includes device info, IP address and further freight specific information uploaded within the “Fortigo Mobile 2” app by yourself.

How we use the captured data:

The info captured aids in tracking freight movement, fine-tune potential app issues/bugs, analytics, creating new services, functionality, solutions, and features.  We hold the right to share your GPS data while on “active duty” with our customers including additional information uploaded to the “Fortigo Mobile 2” app. This information will never be sold to a third party and is strictly used to provide further info regarding freight movement to our partners/customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information captured while using the “Fortigo Mobile 2” app, please email