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Fortigo Implements New Track & Trace Scanning Technology

March 12, 2011

In a continuous improvement effort to better serve its customers, Fortigo Freight Services Inc. has transitioned a new, wholly integrated Web E-portal Track & Trace scanning technology system called EP10.

“Tracking goods along the supply chain is no easy job. Mass shipments are constantly on the move, traveling between locations – by road, rail, sea and air. EP10™ delivers the durability and features logistics and distribution workers need for complete visibility of orders, wherever they are or need to go” Vice President of Operations Peter Karellas said.

The software is built using newer technology; Fortigo’s IT team can deliver customer enhancements more efficiently. And because EP10 is highly configurable, many customer-specific changes can be implemented without having developers write new software.

The adaptation to this new technology is concurrent with the posting of this news release.

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