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Fortigo Freight Services Becomes First Dedicated Fleet Company in Canada To Reserve Tesla Semi Trucks

November 27 2017

TORONTO, Ontario: November 27 2017 - Fortigo Freight Services Inc, one of Canada’s largest dedicated fleet management companies, is today announcing it has confirmed an order for Tesla’s Semi electric trucks, becoming the first dedicated fleet company in the country to invest in the new electric models.

The announcement follows Tesla’s unveiling of its all-electric line last week to further innovate the transportation and trucking industry.

Fortigo Freight’s order confirmation of the Tesla Semi trucks highlights the company’s move towards adopting the latest innovative technology in the industry, as well as its commitment towards consistent improvement of their sustainability practices.

The company, which has a long-standing core group of drivers and independent contractors, will test the new Semi trucks to ensure optimized delivery performance, high-quality safety features and improved value for all its customers. Fortigo will also be rolling out a comprehensive leaseback program to help further support independent contractors, pending the success of the testing phase.

“Securing our Semi truck orders off the back of Tesla’s unveiling came with no hesitation,” said Elias Demangos, President of Fortigo Freight. “The transportation and trucking industry has a legacy of being quite conservative in its approach to innovation, and needs to look towards the technology that will shape the future of the industry. Tesla’s vision for the new Semi trucks speaks directly to some of Fortigo’s core values, and allows us to take our commitment to customer service to the next level. We will use this investment in the Teslas to help reduce our total emissions through the sustainable technology, which will benefit our customers as a result of more efficient operations we’ll be running.”

Fortigo Freight’s confirmation of receipt of the Tesla’s Semi trucks was received today and will run alongside their current fleet.

Fortigo remains a frontrunner in the use of technology in the industry and will continue to do so to best serve their customers. The company is utilizing wireless/RFID, web enablement and GPS tracking on all routes. Fortigo’s Transportation Management Software (TMS) and handheld application are both proprietary to the company, and are specifically designed for dedicated transportation allowing to tailor Dynamic Work flow and KPI solutions for all customers. Fortigo will be a leader in integrating their proprietary software technology into the cab of the Tesla truck.

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